SLOW GAME? LOW framerate?

Most likely the browser on your device is not using Hardware Acceleration, that is, your browser is using your CPU software instead of the GPU hardware. Try the following fixes below for your Browser and if it does not work for one Browser, then install **another Browser in the list of Browsers below until the game becomes fast as it should be:

CHROME BROWSER, on most devices by default DO NOT use the hardware acceleration of the device. Even in some cases, if you use the browser settings' feature to enable hardware acceleration, it still may not work and further effort must be made. Here is an example of a solution to this problem if the game works slow on you Chrome browser:

Step 1: In the Advanced Settings, enable hardware acceleration and then restart Chrome and type in the URL box chrome://gpu/. You should see that under the heading Graphics Feature Status a list of attributes that use hardware acceleration but if instead you see that the list of attributes show that they are using software then this means that it is not using GPU but still uses the slow CPU. you need to go to the next step, because Hardware Acceleration is still disabled:

Step 2: Type into the URL box, chrome://flags, and using the search box provided in the webpage search for Override software rendering list. Enabling this setting will override the gpu blocklist and FORCE Chrome to use your GPU. Restart your Chrome browser again and type in the URL box again, 'chrome://gpu/' and you **should** see that the Graphics Feature Status have a list of attributes that show that they use hardware acceleration and not software. Now it **should** work and your game should run fast. But even if it shows that 'hardware acceleration' is being used but you notice that the game is not fast but still slow, as I experienced with my ZTE phone, then please uninstall Chrome and Install another Web Browser listed here. For my ZTE phone, I had to uninstall Chrome and try to use another Browser, so I used Firefox for Android and found out the fix described below finally made the game work fast on my ZTE phone.


In the URL type: about:config

A web page should appear that provides you with a search bar. Use that search bar of the web page to search for the following config properties:
Type force-enable and you should see the search results.

Make sure layers.acceleration.force-enabled is set to true. If it is not, then click on layers.acceleration.force-enabled and set it to true

That should do it, but if you have further issues after closing and restarting the Firefox App, you can later set layers.gpu-process.force-enabled and webgl.force-enabled to be true because the GAME needs both WebGL and hardware acceleration to work at a good enough framerate. If this does not work, then please try to uninstall Firefox and install Chrome and follow the descriptions above for Chrome.

(Mobile windows 8.1+ have ie11 intalled)
hardware accelerated? Is Still to be determined... But low RAM for apps running WebGL, like Safari has low RAM


Still to be determined...At the moment, the game runs slow on CPU, so certain shaders created must be limited and determined by the framerate it runs on the iOS device (iPhone4S). Here is a list of shaders, where the links that are tabed at least have 5fps on iPhone4S.

If there is no way to force a Browser to use hardware acceleration on the iPhone4S, then another option is for us to create the PlayCanvas iOS expport or Cordova to be available in the Appstore for iOS 8 and above, that is, for iPhone4S and above. This **may** at least increase the user-experience and choppiness seen on the Safari version of the iPhone4S, and **may** fix the 10MB limit of texture assets as explained later on in this page.
But a thing to note: 'In iOS 8.0 WKWebView was unable to load local files, but this got fixed in iOS 9.0.' So users with a iPhone4S would have to update their OS to 9+

**If the above list of Browsers still do not run the game at a fast enough frame rate, then contact us and we'll try to figure out why.

Convert physics to animation keyframe (Actions) in Blender: Click Here

MDD files for Ocean(Displacement/ShapeKeys) Simulation: Click Here

In PlayCanvas, click on the imported file and select the View Editor in the properties panel. The view editor shows all the shapekeys as morph targets. Play around with the values to see the change. Use Playcanvas API to implement the morphing

Ocean, Growing Vine, Jello - Open In New Window

Facial Movement - Does NOT Work on iPhone4s because of 50MB memory of cache for every frame of animation exported.

Safari for iOS has a 10MB limit for textures and morph target is translated to textured at runtime

Facial Movement - Works on iPhone4s, but not for Amma's Android phone

SOLUTION to THE BUG of polygon faces disapearing, is that ARTIST MUST USE BLENDER 'QUAD REMESHER'
TO MITIGATE WASTED TIME: ARTIST MUST TEST ON AMMA'S phone before creating morph targets or just use BONES which is the FINAL solutuion to this problem

** no animation asset used to reduce MEMORY from 50MB TO 10MB (see above 50MB version) to work on iPhone4s
***morphing code HAS been implemented for linear interpolation only, the rest of the other interpolations still needs to be implemented)
***STREAM KEYS: a possible solution to infinate morph keys animated is by restricting an animation to just have up to 10MG worth at any given time so that iPhone4S Safari does not crash. This requires a destroying of morphTarget/keyMeshes (word used interchangeably) if it isn't going to be used within a time frame of the current playhead animation. This timeframe, t, should be the time necessary to load the morphTarget/keymesh into memory before the animation needs it so that their isn't any LAG in the animation. So Artists will need to understand that they can only enable up to N keymeshes at a time in their animations, and also know that each new keymesh to be loaded in the stack of N keymeshes already loaded must be done at least t seconds duration away from the time that the most recent morphtarget was loaded into the memory playhead. The time t is determined by the device the game is running on, it could take a long time for older devices like iphone4S or be quick like on newer devices. Since we are targeting many low-end phones, not just the iphone4S, to play this game, we will first need to test the time t for each phone and then use the minimum t when making the animations in Blender. Reducing the number of vertices of the mesh will most likely reduce t and increase N

Furr/Hair Shader - works for iPhone4s but not for Amma's Android phone (BUT/Although A FIX (in master branch) DOES WORK for Amma's Android phone but not for all other phones which is wierd)

Scroll/Pinch-to-zoom OUT to see Hair

Spyro the Dragon - Esque (Vertex Paint + TrimSheet for tiled texture games)