Flyer distribution responsibility - Directions, drive car to each of your nearest church's, park at the church and you'll notice that most of the residences that surround the church have displayed on their lawns or near their windows or doorsteps, visible signs that they are followers of Jesus and are devoted to Mary or a particular Saint of that church. There is a high probability that these residence are generous because according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, churches are built only after there is a community of believers. This makes perfect sense, because it is the laity that will have to support the construction/building/maintenance of the church and are particularly generous with their money for this church. It's the best calculated assumption that these same laity will help support & publicly display in their lawns & life (friends/parish-priest/companies), the efforts of the Studio Academy, to help the poor through the cutting edge technology/innovation, being agents of change in the secular world, which includes consumer life.