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Welcome Friend, Happy to CCC you today!


"They buried us,

But they didn't know

we were seeds



Seven days in Medjugorje

An interactive story of the supernatural happenings that occured in the first 7 days of the purported Apparitions of the Mother of God!

Day Eight

Kerygma Proclaimed

Jesus is Risen!



Share your name with us, and together in spirit join us as we enter a new and exciting experience, an interactive and visually stunning virtual-reality play staged in a little town full of extraordinary events.


Play at home? Discover the real-life miraculous events experienced by children just like yourself from across the world, who with their guardian angels believe and journey to this secret world to connect and share with you what they see today!

Playing through the VR Oculus/HTC-Vive headset gives you the special BONUS ability to hold your own Rosary (controller) in your hands! With this, you are granted the POWER to destroys the enemy!

St. John Paul,

From heaven’s window, where we see you next to Mary, send God’s blessing down upon us all. Amen"

~Vatican Official Prayer

Music by Marie-Jeanne Fontaine

Tourist & Villager

Anyone can play My Guardian Angel for free as a Tourist or as a Villager! Play and chat freely with thousands of other players as you explore the exciting world of Medjugorje

Seek out fun jobs each day to earn KP (Kids Playing Money) coins, the town's virtual currency and use your KP coins to go shopping in all the different shops!

Grow in sanctity as you andvance within the game by participating in our Communal Contest based on applying virtues crowned with love! (See Page 110 from 'Why I believe in Medjugorje')


Earn points to purchase your own Real Estate in a nearby town, personalize your building into a home, a guesthouse, resturant, shop or anything else your can possibly imagination even your VERY OWN CASTLE for your ROYAL POSITION AS KING!

Create unique clothing, food, drinks, furniture, and even throw your own party as you invite villagers and pilgrims from all over the world to visit your estate!

"There's so much to do and see,
when you make a home in Medjugorje"

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CCC Today's Task/Mission

Try the exciting flight of an Archangel! (The below video is not property of my Studio Academy, but is an example of maneurver that will be implemented with Archangels in our game)
Feed your soul with prayer each day like your flower needs watering daily to blossom into new-life!

Your mission today is to find a special Bible that has been stolen from a poor pilgrim. Listen to Bishop Robert Barron explain the situation

Your task will be to find and return the wandering pilgrims' most treasured possession, his Bible. Make friends with the Russian children of the Eastern Church as they will help you pray to St Nikolai Chudotvorets (the Miracle-worker) their beloved saint that leads children to the Bible! See the Relic that Pope Francis sent to the Russian church. After you finish this task, come back here to redeem your well-earned Prizes that will be found in your dock, as special Gift from Santa Clause (St Nikolai), one of the missing rosary balloons and a very special Bible for you to be placed in a visible place in your room! Lets Get Started
Drag and drop the Bible you found, from your dock into your room! Make sure everyone can see it!
When you earn your Scapular badge it will protect you on your Epic journey here on Earth, as the Queen of Heaven pledged that it would! It will also represent that you are her child, consecrated to her Immaculate Heart!

"All of you are parts of the mystical body that is the Church and of which Christ is the head. On Earth the Vicar of my Son is the person responsible for that body to be standing, and for that reason you must follow your Pope, following his education that is, really, the education of Christ. My Son's will be done."
- Mary of the Holy Rosary of San Nicolás

Your mission is to go to Rome to visit Pope Francis to receive his special gift he made just for you and your Family! (The Joy of Love - children's version) Children from across the world visit him with their baloons, some of whome may have found the missing baloons of the Mladislav Youth Festival. Come, visit the Vatican to tell them of your Epic mission to save The Mladislav Rosary, for Jesus, Mary & Joseph and for all families! Maybe they will help you!


Click Here To Start Your Mission Now!


Take a leap of faith! Come along with us today * in real-life and visit this tiny little town, broadcasting LIVE your experience shared with your guardian angel today . Become the real-life characters in this new and exciting virtual play, scripted LIVE for an interactive story-telling experience like the world has never seen before, the miracles of Medjugorje!

*Trip will be for the Youth festival, August 1st-7th, depending upon number of bookings needed for an Affiliate deal to defray costs for a kingdom priest, Anton, if not a Ministerial Priest, Fr. Mike Schmitz, to lead our group

CCC The best use possible for kid’s smartphone, geocaching combines socializing, competition, the thrill of the hunt and, of course, high technology. Geocachers leave small items for others to find out in the world. Using coordinates and GPS technology, the goal is to find those items (balloons, relics, etc...that have a special value within the game). Included is a log book so kids can add their name to the list of those who have found it. It’s tons of fun so join the massive online community of geocachers - chances are there are targets to find near you!


The apparitions of Mary of the Holy Rosary of San Nicolás

have a “supernatural character” and are worthy of belief, declared Bishop Héctor Sabatino Cardelli of San Nicolás de los Arroyos in Argentina. Mary and Jesus appeared to Gladys many more times over the course of the next 6 1/2 years, giving her around 800 messages!

"All of you are parts of the mystical body that is the Church and of which Christ is the head. On Earth the Vicar of my Son is the person responsible for that body to be standing, and for that reason you must follow your Pope, following his education that is, really, the education of Christ. My Son's will be done."
- Mary of the Holy Rosary of San Nicolás


Lourdes Visit this WATERY WORLD and take a dip into the town's fav miraculous POOL!
Fatima - Visit this old village were St.Michael The ArchAngel visited St. Michael the Archangel, dSt. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen..

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Login to the Medjugorje World to visit Anton Gunaratnam's Studio Academy in VR. If you prefer traveling to Fatima Portugul or any other Marian Shrine location around the world to learn Animation, Gaming, and Film, take a VR prerequisite for the real thing!

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A series of exciting new lessons we created just for you! Topics include introduction to acting, singing, writing, drawing, and every tool you need to start Animating!

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Watch as our Team create our signature game, My Guardian Angel, giving you the behind-the-scenes recording of the development process professionals like us use in the Industry. Students get a chance to make their own game!

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Virtual Reality

VR will lead the job market in the Tech Industry within a few years. Learn the quickest way to implement core VR concepts that will transform your passion for VR into a career!

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Travel and Research

your own Film through the Great Escape Publishing team inspired by Lee Cockwell`s Creating Disney Magic


Our Premium Workshop

myStudioAcademy - The Making of...

Imitating the Disney tradition, we fly off to a travel destination aiming to do research on our film production.) We will tour famous landmarks/environments that spark and inspire your imagination, discover and build upon your storyboard, take memorable photos, record lively videos, draw and paint concepts art that will be your most treasured resource for your future production work in your own Studio Academy at home!

Based upon the character of Gay Russell in "The Shed That Fed A Million Children", we fly to South Africa's, Kasungu Malawi to experience the fantasy Magnus had imagined of her flying across the African plane

Flying to Kenya to Research for The Lion King


Creators of The Prince of Egypt


Junior Creators Team Up!

With you Guardian Angel team up with us, as we fundraise to feed 322 children for a whole school year at the Youth Academic Institute school in Liberia.

Save children while learning the courses that will teach you how to create games, animation, fashion & your very own Mobile App! Upload your creation into your very own personal Studio Academy where you can invite all of your friends to see your incredible talent, just like we did with My Guardian Angel!






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Evangelizing The World Is Freeing

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